This is the page for Samchillian application for the Mac OS 9 (which doesn't seem to work).

If you would like the OS X beta version, please email me, describing what you do, and i'll send you a copy.

Instructions: option-click and save to disk. You may need to double-click on it to unstuff it. To run the program you need only to double-click on the icon. (424 K): application compressed with stuff-it

At the moment this program is not particularly working well. but it might give you some idea what the samchillian thing is about. Also it will not run, seemingly, with pro-tools running as well.



1. Due to a small bug, you must first select File/Midi Setup/"Auto Setup" and then click OK first time this is run per Mac session

2. The number keys (2nd row) represent relative changes to the key signature. Also, to get F1-F10, which are the different scales, you must use Shift-'1'-'0' instead.

3. Backslash key cycles through 4 different harmony configurations, the first of which is a single note

4. The left bracket begins or ends pattern mode, in which a repeating cycle is set up. the right bracket stops it sooner than the number of notes in the scale

5. The keyboard map is not totally accurate - there are a few errors.

6. Please do not play extremely quickly and for long periods of time without a break, as tempting as it is. You may risk permanent finger and hand injury. I am serious.



1. If you are unable to hear any sound, go in the menu to the MIDI setup and make sure auto setup has been pushed - you should see a,b,c etc. for the ports and 0, 16,32 etc. for the MIDI channels.

2. If you have been operating the program successfully but can no longer hear any sound, you may be out of range. unfortunately we have no centering key operational at the moment but it will be the Tab key when it is. anyway, you can see what note you are on the 2nd line of the 'LCD' screen. if you see a very low or high note or a '!' in the screen, use either 'x' to lower yourself or '.' to raise yourself until you can hear it.

3. If the program is making strange never-before heard melodies and contrapuntal riffs..Oh, that's what it's supposed to do.