I am selling both PC and Mac versions for $15 each. Email me for more information. samchillian [at] earthlink.net

If you do perform or record with the software, attribution to "Samchillian" where it is appropriate (CD liner notes, websites, etc.) would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Do check out the About Samchillian page to hear some mp3 examples of what i do with this thing

August 24, 2006:

I have updated the layout diagram below to reflect the fact that there is a bug in the software: the 'b' key does nothing. It should stand for +1_SM - not sure when or if this will be fixed, or if I can fix the graphic of the layout that is contained in the software itself.

I have also added a link to a rough draft of a user's guide - see "Manual" section below, near the end.

December 22, 2004:

I have just posted this screenshot of the software

May 15, 2004:

New feature for PC version utilizing MIDI In! Any MIDI controller (keyboard controller, Ztar, etc.) can be plugged in and made to have a samchillianistic function!

Download and copy this file (sammap.txt) to the same directory. It contains codes to turn the MIDI In note values on the left column into the functions denoted by the numbers on the right. By the way, this file, a work in progress, is courtesy of Markleford Friedman, to whom I also also indebted for the following link, which might help you:

Make codes, etc.

Further explanation is necessary. Email me for details.


You may also want to download "Midi Yoke", a MIDI loopback program that allows you to
pass MIDI internally from the samchillian app to a program such as Cubase:

Try this first:


If you have problems consult their website:


MIDI Inputs and Output Defaults

You may set MIDI Input/Output defaults by using a special shortcut to the program, which you will create. Create a shortcut by typing command line parameters.

"SamExe.exe" x y

where x is the input number and y is the output number on the list that appears. Make sure the quotes are only around the program name. For example you can type:

"SamExe.exe" 2 3

This will select the 2nd MIDI Input on the list, and the 3rd MIDI Output.


You may hook up any MIDI controller and all MIDI information that is sent to the input will pass through. This is useful if you want to play a pitch bend or a foot controller with the Samchillian.

The exception to this concerns any note-on/off commands in the 'sammap.txt' table mentioned above. These are intercepted and turned into samchillian functions according to what is put in that file. See further explanation

Scale/Key Signature Keys

S = scale

T= transposition (note these are relative to current scale - T1 adds one flat to key signature, T2 adds two flats, etc.)
T_UN = undo last transpose: returns to last key signature

Left or Right Shift + a key from the number row ('1' through '=') changes sounds
Left or Right Ctrl + function key plays loops on Channel 15

Special Movement Keys

P_UN = an 'undo' key: returns to last note sounded
+1_UN = same as P_UN but increases the pitch jump by one (i.e., it's one higher if the jump went up, one lower if down)
-1_UN = same as P_UN but decreases the pitch jump by one (i.e., it's one lower if the jump went up, one higher if down)

MV_SM = moves the same number of steps as the last key struck, within the scale
+1_SM = same as MV_SM, but adds one step
P_SM = similar to MV_SM, but repeats the last frequency ratio, resulting in a note not necessarily in current scale

Other Keys

SER starts serial mode, which 'records' series of non-repeating notes and then cycles through them when all notes are used up; END stops the pattern early. Special note: while in this mode, pressing the 't' will restart the sequence on the first note.

'\' = cycles through 4 pre-set "rake" harmony configurations (chords), one of which is a single note

Don't hurt your fingers

Stop at first sign of tingling or pain. See this site for more information


I am interested in all bug reports and feedback, positive or negative. See below for email address.

Samchillian Demonstration Video (12 mins., about 40 Mb).


There is no official manual at this moment. However, this site, which is about the OS X beta version might have some useful ideas for you, of how to get started. Just ignore the parts regarding installation and configuration that are specific to OS X.


There are scans of some samchillian exercises here

Here is a fairly in-depth explanation of how I arrived at this seemingly arbitrary keyboard layout

Happy samchillianizing!

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